Eight Saints Discovery Kit Review

Hi everyone! Since I’ve been stuck in quarantine and forced to postpone my wedding I have been focused on finding my perfect skincare routine before my big day! Fortunately, I found this Eight Saints Discovery Kit and wow it has so many amazing products to try! And for only $10 what more could you ask for, if only all companies let people do this. Lets start with the morning routine products…

Morning Routine

So the kit is broken into two sections, morning and night and they give you this guide and instructions (above) on how to use each product! The morning routine definitely had most of my favorite products and I will be buying the full size of some of them very soon.

Bright Side Cleanser

This was a nice light basic cleanser that is the recommended first step for refreshing the face after some beauty rest. I love the smell and it of course has my favorite Vitamin E in it! Some cleansers can have a chemical smell but this smells lightly like oranges.

Zen Out of Ten Scrub

This Zen Out of Ten Scrub was different than most scrubs because it is “stretchy” like aloe. It definitely did the job though and gave a deep scrub. It is recommended to use 3-4 times a week but for sensitive skin I would recommend 2 times because the beads are quite big and more abrasive than most face scrubs I would suggest.

Pep Rally Hyaluronic Serum

This step is not normally something I have in my normal morning routine but it was a nice touch. It’s super gentle and refreshing after cleansing and scrubbing. Again more Vitamin C and Vitamin E is always a plus! I definitely still felt I needed more moisture after this though.

Seeking C Vitamin C Serum

This was by far my favorite product! I’ve used a lot of vitamin C oils before but the texture of this is so much better! It’s silky and creamy and glides right onto the skin. It smells heavenly and absorbs so well into the face and neck. I will definitely be getting this product!

Soulmate Treatment

Hmm not sure how I feel about this step. Honestly a product that brightens sounds great but I’d prefer if it were within another product. This treatment felt a bit heavy and did not absorb into the skin as much as I hoped. I would most likely skip this step in the morning and use something else in the evening to help with brightening!

Daydreamer Moisturizer

This was my also a favorite of mine. It really is a dream and goes on nice and smooth. It smells wonderful and it gives the skin that last bit of moisture to get going in the morning.

Nightime Routine

Down to Earth Swirled Mud Gel Cleanser

It is exactly what it sounds like! This is a gentle but great cleanser for night. But be careful it came out super fast on me and I spilled the entire bottle out! I did feel like I needed some moisture back in my skin after though so don’t use if you have really dry skin. The best part is that it was just bubbly enough!

No Plans Mask

I really wanted to love this face mask. It’s super creamy and is instagram worthy! But unfortunately, it is very heavily scented and it did not agree with my skin! I was not able to keep it on the full ten minutes because it was burning. I would suggest if you do try this use a test area first because it was quite uncomfortable for me. If your skin can handle this than it’s awesome because you put the lightest layer on but you can feel it working right away!

Night Shift Face Gel

This was really cool! I loved this gel because it was dewy and cooling after that face mask! It’s perfect for that extra hydration needed at night. The only downside was the smell was a bit strong and of aloe.

All In Eye Cream

For this product a lot goes a long way. It was very creamy and hydrating. It goes on easily and makes the skin feel dewy and gets rid of any puffiness.i will definitely be getting more of this.

High Society Oil

First of all this smelled amazing! Second of all be careful getting it out of the bottle! The top is so wide and it’s oil. And make sure to get your neck! Jojoba oil is another one of my top favorite ingredients and makes the skin feel lovely. I did feel I needed a bit more moisture after this step.

Cloud Whip Moisturizing Cream

Ahhh my favorite part of any skincare routine is the moisturizer. And I wasn’t disappointed with this one. It really is like a whipped cloud going onto your face. It absorbs into the skin so nicely and is the perfect way to end this routine.


This discovery kit packs a punch! To try so many products was amazing and I can’t wait to get the ones I liked. The names and descriptions were all so spot on and too cute. Also so many of the products smelled naturally fresh and fruity which I really appreciate.

I would absolutely recommend this kit for anyone trying to find new skincare products or even a whole new routine! They make it so easy and simple to use their products and follow the routine. Lastly the containers the samples come in are perfect travel jars, so save them and reuse them. Comment below if you want to know anything else but I urge everyone to try this out themselves.

–Always treat your skin with love, Sara–


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